Through the point-to-point stretched block chain storage The next generation of computer world Optimizing the allocation of data, and Internet access


By decentralized Internet provide scalable the underlying infrastructure, to shape the global society of sovereign and without permission of open markets, Swarm's vision, is through the point-to-point storage and communication system to extend the chain block。

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Standard storage unit of Swarm are called block (the chunk). The most block consists of 4000 bytes of data, and with an address. Due to the address of the block and the address of the node from the same address space, so you can calculate their proximity.。


Privacy and the cache

The initiating node sends the message, and only forward request node sends messages, from any level are the same. This vagueness enables the request of the originator to ensure that their privacy is inviolable, thereby promoting content distribution and private browsing without permission.



 Swarm of charge to an account agreement (Swarm Accounting Protocol, SWAP) to ensure that the operators when the message routing nodes to collaboration, at the same time protect the network from careless use of bandwidth.


Capacity of the garbage collection mechanism

With the add new content in the Swarm, each node of the limited storage capacity will be depleted sooner or later. At this point, the nodes need a strategy to decide which block should be removed, in order to make way for the new block.



Greater than the allowed 4000 bytes of data in a single piece will be broken up into multiple blocks. A set of belong to pieces by a Swarm of hash tree (hash - tree), said the hash tree in the file upload process divided into block coding way


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SWARM_Version of the official release


The hacker marathon


Repair the TOKEN pledge mode


Drop over, officially namedBZZ.CEO

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Distributed Immutable Storage

Privacy and upload and download without permission

With the increase of demand can be automatically extended


Get the content integrity protection

No need to save the content will eventually be forgotten

Decentralized network framework of peer-to-peer applications


When the message routing to collaboration

The reciprocal services until all nodes to obtain credit

The motive of nodes exist to cache block



(postage stamp)

(content-addressed )


The hash address based on the data

Released in response to achieve higher API

New ideas and data structure


Listing (manifests) "to represent the collection

Listing encoding a general string reference map

Compact list to ms merkel prefix tree

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Janoš Guljaš

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Svetomir Smiljkovic

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Ivan Vandot

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Anshul Pundir

designer & dev

Anshul Pundir

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With the launch of its mainnet, #ethswarm has reached an important

It’s now official! Swarm 1.0 is live on #mainnet.

Bee nodes generate a lot of transactions. Therefore #ethswarm opted to use

Last month, #ethswarm released Bee 1.0, and finalised its token sale. During

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The Swarm Gateway is a service allowing you to share and access files on the Swarm network. This service is currently under development by the Swarm Foundation.
No. The Swarm Gateway is an experiment meant for testing purposes only. We don’t provide any guarantee regarding file availability on the network. For unlimited use of the Swarm network you should consider running your own node.
First, you upload the file to the Swarm network using the “Share” button from the homepage. Once the file is uploaded, you’ll get a web link and a Swarm hash (or ‘bzzhash’). You can also use QR codes. You can share the web link with anyone to let them download your file. If you’re familiar with Swarm, you can use the Swarm hash.
Anyone with the link will be able to access and download your file. There’s no searchable or browsable directory.

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